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Different “less than” or different “special”

I recently attended an indoor public event, and sitting in the audience, off to my right, directly in view, was an old man in a wheelchair. Can you picture him?

Last week, in downtown Oak Park, I noticed an old woman walking slowly on the sidewalk, hunched over her walker. Can you picture her?

What age was the man you pictured? 50? 70? 85? Was he bald?

Did the woman you pictured have white hair? Was she slowing you down in a grocery store checkout line?

In my brief description above I used the terms ‘old man’ and ‘old woman’. If I had used ‘elder’, would that have changed your mental image?

Did you see either of these people in your mind as being special?

Many people, not everybody, look at an older person in a wheelchair, or using a walker to get around, as “less than.” Some of us…  read more

More Than Just Co-existing

I work out regularly at the local tennis and fitness center. I’ve been a member there for many years, and I love their Yoga Centre. One day last week, as I passed the front desk to flash my membership card at the small entry turnstile, I was slowed by the…  read more

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